EVERLIGHT Highlights Infrared Products and LEDs of Other Wavelengths and Colors at electronica


EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, is going to showcase its newest infrared, automotive and lighting products at electronica 2016. The newest offerings will be supported by six daily half-hour product introductions on all four days of the show (Stand: Hall A3, 307).

A top focus of this show will be EVERLIGHT’s comprehensive infrared portfolio of ambient light sensors (ALS), color sensors, infrared LEDs, photo diodes, photo transistors, infrared receiver modules (IRM), photo-couplers, phototriacs, solid-state relays (SSR), photo interrupters (ITR) and optical switches. Especially the development of ambient light sensors (ALS) in the area of wearables has created new opportunities with regard to mobile data tracking as well as rapid detection for health analysis. One highlight is the new ALS-PD50-42C which operates at a green light wavelength of 550nm with a sensing area of 8.1mm2, and has a very low signal calculation failure rate and a high current efficiency. An ideal application for this device is heart rate signal detection in wearable electronics for the health and fitness industry.

ALS-PD50-42C is ideal for heart rate signal detection in wearable electronics.

EVERLIGHT has different color LEDs available for customer selection and tuning.(All Photos Courtesy of Everlight)

With regard to increasing safety concerns worldwide by the general society in recent years, surveillance and security applications become more and more important. Light sensors such as the ALS-PDIC243-3C tell you if the light in the environment is sufficient; if it is not, IR LEDs like the HIR-C19D or HIR333C provide additional illumination to boost the capability of a camera to see at night or in a dark surrounding. Optical couplers like the EL817 provide isolation from the outside environment to prevent damage to machines in special cases like for example lightning strikes.

EVERLIGHT is also going to showcase new solutions for color binning for interior and exterior automotive lighting applications along with other key automotive products. One example is white color binning for dashboard applications like switches, instrument clusters and displays. EVERLIGHT follows binning standards and offer different binning ways to make it easy to apply LED in automotive applications. EVERLIGHT also provides multi-color solutions, like RGBW and RGBY LED, to facilitate the design trend in fancy personal in-car ambient lighting. The company's expertise in this important field will also be demonstrated by daily presentations.

In terms of lighting LEDs, EVERLIGHT will put a special emphasis on its full color LED portfolio with multiple wavelengths to improve the future of agriculture. The easiest way to achieve effective agricultural lighting is to provide a spectrum of light that best replicates sunlight OR by providing the necessary spectrums / color combinations for specific functions. Color combinations vary depending on region, time, temperature, plant, plant cycle, production targets and many other factors. EVERLIGHT has all the basic colors needed for replicating sunlight and activating specific functions for agricultural lighting. For any part of the spectrum where additional colors need to be added or additional light functions are needed, there are different color LEDs available for customer selection and tuning. Other markets for full color LEDs in addition to agricultural lighting include architectural, stage and landscape lighting. The latest product from EVERLIGHT for these industries is an RGBW in one high power LED.

EVERLIGHT also showcases UVA and UVC series LEDs, both featuring many applications ranging from curing of the glues applied on industrial PCBs, light source for exposurers, ink drying for printing systems, disinfection and sterilization, biological analysis and testing, water and air purification, money detector pens, cosmetic curing, to tanning machines.