Monocrystal achieves a momentous milestone: 5 million large diameter wafers


Monocrystal, a global leader in synthetic sapphire growing and processing, shipped its 5 millionth four-inch equivalent (FIE) sapphire wafer. Large diameter wafers have recently become a mainstream product, driven by LED makers’ immediate benefit from a 30% increase in MOCVD reactor throughput and higher binning yields. At the same time, sapphire wafer shape and cleanness are crucial in achieving high epitaxial yields and getting the benefits of using large diameters.

Monocrystal’s large diameter substrates have long been recognized as a component of choice for highly efficient gallium nitride LEDs. Perfect crystal structure inherited from the low stress ultra-large crystals gives Monocrystal’s wafers significant advantages over its competitors. Low thermal bow during the epitaxial process provides a tighter wavelength uniformity. It leads to customers’ yields increasing by 2-3%. Low internal stress results in zero breakage rate during nitride growth, which improves equipment uptime. Ultraclean wafer surface eliminates the need for a pre-cleaning step, which saves $1 per wafer. Industry lowest etch pit density of Monocrystal’s wafers additionally contributes to longer LED lifetime.

“Our landmark of 5 million FIE is the best testimonial that our large diameter wafers help our customers reduce costs and strengthen their competiveness in the highly competitive LED market. As the industry is evolving, our commitment remains unchanged: we will continue to be a reliable source of best in class sapphire products and support our customers in their efforts to boost further spreading of LEDs,” Monocrystal’s CEO Oleg Kachalov commented.

About Monocrystal

Monocrystal, a part of diversified industrial holding Energomera, is a leading supplier of sapphire products for LED and metallization pastes for solar industries. The company’s product portfolio includes large diameter sapphire substrates and cores for LED, bricks and cores for consumer electronics, optical windows and screen printing pastes for silicon wafer solar cells.